Environmental Site Assessments

Environmental Site Assessments

Civil Design Engineering helps in the detection of an asset’s environmental risks that can harm the property in any form. Environmental site assessment identifies a site’s liabilities and measures the clean-up needs, allowing you to determine the true value of a property.


During mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or divestiture processes, our Environmental Site Assessment service keeps you completely updated, allowing you to make informed decisions that favor your company financially. We offer immediate advice on how to arrange the deal and frame new acquisition environmental management to maximize returns.

Environmental Site Assessment

Civil Design Engineering offers environmental site evaluations in phases I, II, and III.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment – Based on ASTM standard, with adaptations to meet particular scope criteria possible. Included are:

  • Examination of Documents-Collect and review records that assist in identifying the asset’s possible environmental problems.
  • Reconnaissance of the Site: a walkthrough of the site to identify Areas of Potential Concern (AoPCs) for contamination.
  • Interviews with site managers who are well-versed in the area.
  • Reporting on the site’s environmental issues and liabilities, with recommendations for additional evaluations as required (Phase II ESA)

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment – This phase of the ESA covers ‘intrusive’ site investigations, such as sample collection at AoPCs that were proposed in Phase I ESA (soil and groundwater, potentially asbestos-containing material, etc.). The analytical findings are then compared to local or international threshold values after the samples are evaluated against suspicious parameters. When thresholds are met, advice on potential implications and remediation options are given.

Phase III Environmental Site Assessment – Additional inquiries based on Phase II ESA guidelines.


We have the local experience you need to evaluate every site before acquisition or divestiture thanks to our global network of environmental professionals. Having comprehensive research, sampling, tracking, and dispersion modeling expertise to assist you in fully understanding the type and degree of pollution on your property. Our in-depth analyses will help you identify risks to human health and the environment, as well as remediation options and risk mitigation strategies.

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