Water And Sewer Design

Water And Sewer Design

Civil Design Engineering has a strong track record in large-scale water and sewer design projects, such as sewer and water main construction. For developers, local authorities, and partner construction companies alike, our expertise and ability in large earthworks make us the first option for underground pipework.

Our water and sewer design installation facilities, are one of Miami leading sewer and water main contractors, include:

  • Deep sewer schemes necessitate the use of specialized machinery.
  • Laying of water mains and underground pipes
  • Installation of water and sewer in a subdivision
  • Commercial and industrial plants need specialized sewer construction.
  • Construction and rehabilitation of culverts
  • Septic tanks and wastewater drains
water and sewer design


The Civil Design Engineering civil engineers have experience with water delivery systems, water main extensions, and wastewater collection systems, including new sanitary sewer systems and reconstruction of existing systems, as well as planning, permitting, design, and construction supervision. We work with clients to discuss neighborhood and environmental issues and legislation, as well as to measure the benefits of reforms, all while balancing the costs and meeting deadlines.

Civil Design Engineering has collaborated with many water and sewer designers in Maimi. Many of our custom water and sewer design projects provide a formal specification sewerage line installation. Civil Design Engineering is an independent and impartial consulting service that focuses on the use and application of water and sewer materials and covers a wide range of topics relevant to the paving design industry.


Our vast experience sourcing water and sewer design from around the world. We can assist in finding the experts who can help you in designing the best water and sewer design using Civil Design Engineering’s extensive network of contacts. The best providers provide you with the most suitable paving designs for your requirements. Our Civil Design Engineering department is still available to support our clients. Our water and sewer design plans provide quantity, so you can see exactly what supplies you’ll need at each point.

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